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June 2020

The Daisy Chain, the Principal's vlog, is a great way for our families and Collegians to stay connected with all of the current activity around the School. We hope you enjoy this edition.




In the June edition of The Daisy Chain Mrs Kendall celebrates term 2 and talks to two students, Mackenzie and Zuri, about recent achievements and giving back to the community.

The Daisy Chain - past editions

May 2020

In the May edition of the Daisy Chain, Principal Mrs Kristy Kendall is joined by two Year 12 students, Lauren and Chloe, about their online learning and their return to school.

Late April 2020

In the late April edition of the Daisy Chain, Principal Mrs Kristy Kendall talks about what has been happening so far in Term 2 and is joined by Head of Wardle House, Deputy Principal Miss Melissa Schoorman and Head of Senior School, Deputy Principal Mrs Diane Furusho.

Weekly Communications event (41)

Prospective Parents Information Night - Meet the Principal

We invite all prospective parents to an Information Night with our Principal Mrs Kristy Kendall. She takes parents on an informative journey about Toorak College, including her newly implemented Strategic Vision 2019-2023, the academic and co-curricular programs available and our educational philosophy, approach to teaching and learning, the use of data to help inform students’ progress and the all-girl advantage from Year 5 onwards.

Wednesday 19 August
Register here

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